We make use of cosmetics and perfumes in an effort to improve our appearance … but sometimes the outcome is not what we wanted!

Risks of irritations and allergies

The best known side effects associated with the use of cosmetics are those that occur with skin problems (Dermatitis, rashes, redness, burning, itching, etc..); in predisposed individuals some particularly aggressive substances can cause irritations and allergies.

If you are a person predisposed to allergies or have sensitive skin, make sure that there’s none of those substances in the products you buy. Pay particular attention to cosmetic products of which you are unsure of the origin, they may contain high concentrations of irritants or allergens.

The risk of irritation/allergies is greater if you apply the product on a not perfectly intact skin.


26 substances mainly used in the perfumes
  1. Alphaisomethyl ionone
  2. Amyl cinnamal
  3. Amylcinnamyl alcohol
  4. Anise alcohol
  5. Benzyl alcohol
  6. Benzyl benzoate
  7. Benzyl cinnamate
  8. Benzyl salicylate
  9. Butylphenyl methylpropional
  10. Cinnamal
  11. Cinnamyl alcohol
  12. Citral
  13. Citronellol
  14. Coumarin
  15. Eugenol
  16. Evernia furfuracea
  17. Evernia prunastri
  18. Farnesol
  19. Geraniol
  20. Hexyl cinnamal
  21. Hydroxyisohexyl 3cyclohexene carboxaldehyde
  22. Hydroxycitronellal
  23. Isoeugenol
  24. Limonene
  25. Linaool
  26. Methyl 2octynoate


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