Some of us are really tidy and some of us definitely not! Just remember to avoid leaving cosmetic products open and to throw away expired products…

Correct storage of cosmetics

Proper storage: preserve the cosmetic product in an adequate environment to ensure safety and function, avoiding exposure to heat sources.

Adopt this precaution before opening and once you start using it.

Avoid leaving it open, touching it with dirty hands or various substances; use plastic spatulas to pick it up to limit bacterial contamination due to repeated use; never mix different products.

Remember that generally the label also reports the best preservation modes of the product; cosmetics that last more than 30 months report in the label “PAO”, i.e. post opening period, indicated by the symbol of an open box.


  • Write down on the box the date of first use.
  • Try and buy a quantity of cosmetics proportional to your consumption!

On ABC cosmetici website you can find a section dedicated to proper conservation.

The cosmetic product must be stored properly before being used and even more so once opened.

The cosmetic must not be exposed to direct heat that can accelerate the growth of microorganisms which are dangerous to health, also related to repeated use of the product over time.

The date of minimum durability within which the product can be used sif properly stored (the date by which continues to fulfill its initial function) it is preceded by the symbol above or by the words «Usare preferibilmente entro:» «Best before:».

For products with a minimum of more than thirty months of term, however, there should be an indication of the amount of time in which the product, once opened, can be used without harmful effects for the consumer, preceded by the symbol representing an open jar or by the acronym «PAO» (Period after opening). simbolo-pao

Are subject to possible exceptions: single dose products, products packaged in such a way to avoid contact between the cosmetic and the surrounding environment (es. aerosol) and the products for which the manufacturer certifies that their formula is such as to prevent any risk of microbiological deterioration.

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